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all signs point to winter coming. we'll get the exact temperatures from meteorologist mike nicco. 30s and 40s good morning. we had a few drips of rain trying to fall into the north bay this morning as storm system is passing to our north. looks like we are going to start off in the low to mid 40s around the bay, upper 50s to low 60s most of the afternoon back into the low 50s during the evening. going to be a chilly start and cool end inland valleys around 36 livermore, 41, frosty spots, upper 50s to low 60s partly cloudy sky this afternoon coast mainly mid to upper 40s, mid to upper 50s for the better part of the afternoon. in observance of veterans day today a lot of folks are
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staying home, kids don't have school or some schools not in session, lighter than usual out there 80 through emeryville berkeley towards emeryville into the macarthur maze at the limit, no metering lights yet minor delay for cash paying folks into san francisco good upper deck ace train delay out of livermore 20 minutes, everybody else on time and regular schedule. drive times heading out, good drive from antioch towards concord up and over the altamont pass from tracy, 80 commute towards the maze. happening now raley's employees continuing strike negotiations resume. this is outside the alameda raley's store picketers have been maintaining that line employees walked off the job last week over dispute involving pay and benefits. raley's has said concessions
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are needed to keep the chain competitive. they got back to the bargaining table yesterday employees say it is because their picketing is working and shoppers are not coming in, giving the store an incentive to get back to the table. the company operates 130 raley's super stores, bel air markets and nob hill foods in california and nevada. stay with abc7 morning news coming up amy hollyfield will buy the latest. police in union city investigating the death of a money whose body was found in a trash bin a woman discovered the -- the injured man while taking out her garbage yesterday morning she called authorities who rushed him to a hospital where he died. police are pursuing active leads. san francisco police still looking for a man they say tried to ram an officer with a car police attempted to stop the man yesterday after he was
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suspected of breaking into a vehicle. he ran into a construct site after getting out of his car police dog joined the search for the man in the building at third street, officers surrounded the building for a short time as well. family in monterey county hopes you can help them fan a missing woman who suffers from alzheimer's. -- them find a miss woman who suffers from alzheimer's disease she was last seen 2:45 thursday afternoon he is 5'6, weighs 220 pounds. police say she was last seen driving a white 20 lexus gs. plate on the screen: it appears the car had a full tank of gas she may have driven a long distance. update on story we first brought you last week, missing historic cross found in bay area resurrected in the mojave
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desert a group of vets returned the cross to its original site saturday the cross was erected in 1934 in honor of veterans killed in war but it was cut off and stolen after a long court battle over its legality on public land. the cross disappeared two years ago, thanks to a viewer tip, abc7 news found think past week in san mateo county. questions still surrounding the resignation of cia director petraeus over an affair. another woman is at the heart of the investigation that led to the revelation. >> reporter: petraeus' secret affair may have remained secret if not for threatening e-mails his lover sent to jill kelly, wife of a tampa surgeon longtime supporter of the military. not romantically involved with petraeus but a family friend she contacted the fbi
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after receiving threatening e-mails, concerns that the cia director's e-mail had been hacked. >> initial complain was harassment, it could have gone to hacking no information that this had anything to do with national security. >> reporter: those e-mails were linked back to paula broadwell who had access to petraeus in afghanistan as his official biographer. the 40-year-old broadwell lives in charlotte, north carolina with her husband and two kids, avid runner and says they bonded over shared mental and physical discipline during her trips to afghanistan to interview him. >> it was an opportunity for me to interview him on a run i was -- i thought i test him, he was going to test me. >> reporter: petraeus is claiming at fair did not begin in afghanistan but -- but after he retired from the military. one week later he became director of the cia.
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friends say petraeus ended the affair four months ago the same time jill kelly received those threatening e-mails. rob nelson, abc7 news new york. how would you like rain this week?
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welcome back. to have a chilly start 30s inland valleys low to mid 40s bay 48 san francisco, hardly any wind out there temperature you see is wait feels like no wind chill. low to mid 60s, -- high clouds and sun upper 50s coast next three days will be a little warmer and dry. light out there traffic-wise. happy monday. we are observing veterans day today, you can see it is very light at the bay bridge minor delays for cash paying folks, no metering lights reports of a stall incline, a van blocking left lane. we'll see wait does for the
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back-up there, so far, so good. marin southbound 101 tail latest towards lincoln -- tail lights towards lincoln everything at limit. this is your waze app, highway 880 nimitz towards the fremont area and it is at the limit very light to navigate around your traffic or commute available free on the app store. new this morning, new video of a british couple getting rescued from their damaged yacht friday off the coast of new zealand. hong kong cargo ship rescued the couple after strong waves i had the ship, the waves smashed the yacht's hatches and portholes sending water onboard the couple suffered minor injuries said to be okay. when asked if they would sail again, this couple decided to do the safe thing they say dry land sounds like a better
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option. if you are liking for ways to honor vets today you might want to check out the new memorial in castro valley dedicated yesterday at the castro valley community park. it took three years to make this memorial a reality. the land was donated and the memorial was built through fundraising, no tax dollars were used if you would like to donate go to click on see it on tv. some schools are off along with some government offices. you know about black friday now it is all about black thursday this year. >> the jump the nation's largest toy retailer is taking. secret behind goodwill. michael finney goes inside stores and reveals locations where you have the best
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a few sprinkles in the north bay none made it to the ground new system moving north that is going to bring us warmer weather, details of that and a chance of rain as we head towards the weekend coming up. new this morning, toys "r" us says it will be among the slew of stores opening early on thanksgiving. it will open at 8 p.m. on thanksgiving day before your meal is digested, last year toys "r" us opened at 9 p.m.. wal-mart and sears will be opening 8 p.m. on thanksgiving day as well. goodwill popular option
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for budget conscious shoppers hoping to snag a deal. you may be surprised to learn the charity has a strategy to determine which donations go to which stores. whether you are looking for high fashion or collectibles, michael finney reveals the secret behind good. >> reporter: good morning. turns out there are a few tricks to get a good deal when some think of goodwill as a dumping ground for unwanted stuff. strategic shoppers can find treasures, if they know exactly where to look. >> we found a valuable contemporary painting there a couple years ago. >> reporter: the goodwill covers san francisco, marin and san mateo countys in 2011 they generated more than 30 million dollars in revenue, to do this, the people who run goodwill have a very sophisticated, strategic merchandising plan. >> we separate everything. >> reporter: goodwill director
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says the most valuable merchandise goes online where it has a chance to be bid-up by customers. >> we know that with the world wide web and 30 million people looking at our website annually, someone will be willing to pay top dollar. >> reporter: some of the high end merchandise gets sent to specialty good will stores. looking for cashmere? the goodwill store to visit is on irving street in san francisco's sunset district. >> right in the middle of the vintage meg mecca for the bay area. when we get -- good items it to that store. >> reporter: menlo park high brands. there are distinctions. >> the west portal store is going to carry items as nice as chanel suits. we will carry prada, we put that into the west portal store. menlo park, you might see
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fisher. >> reporter: menlo park customers love to buy shoes so the company sends their best shoes there. the flagship store on south van ness and mission attracts collectors that's where some valuable figurines can be found. new venture is a boutique called georgie and willow. >> targeting 18 to 34-year-old woman who is more interested in the fashion look as opposed to the brand. >> reporter: here similar items you would see in trendy stores. more than 80% of the revenue from goodwill goes to putting people back to work. goodwill says the majority of their stores are regular family stores and you will still find treasure there is too. the san francisco bay area goodwill has more than 40 donation sites. go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. revealed a top secret
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shopping spot now everyone knows. we are like oh no, our secret has been revealed! good bargains. >> have to get up a little earlier. >> the weather is a good deal. >> good bargains there. >> in football and shopping you have to go for it. [ laughing ] >> 6:18. guess you got that wear a helmet and pads too when you shop at those places. sun not coming up yet for a while but you can see the high clouds that are out there, live doppler 7 hd as we do, you can see we have a few radar returns across the north bay that was about it, high clouds are the bigger story as we head through the morning into the afternoon hours that is the signal that warm air is on the way, warm air invection creates those high clouds.
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still chill in a lot of areas mid to upper 30s, santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord, livermore, los gatos, redwood city, low to mid 40s everywhere else san francisco 48. monterey bay around 40°, inland 41 salinas, frosty 32 in gilroy. chilly no doubt it will be warmer this afternoon, warmer days are on the way tomorrow through thursday, a little unsettled as the storm track comes down towards us for friday, sunday through tuesday better chance of rain. we are one degree cooler in oakland, livermore two, redwood city three, napa and san francisco four. everybody in the low to mid 60s this afternoon with high clouds and sun mid to upper 50s slightly cooler and a little breezier along the coast monterey bay low to mid 60s here inland mainly mid 60s tight temperature spread around 63 to 65°.
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tonight, temperatures mainly in the upper 30s to mid 40s inland more high clouds across the north bay our best chance of 30s east bay valleys to upper 40s around the bay to the coast. here's the storm track well up to the north increasing high clouds watch it happen tonight north bay not going to be as cool this morning radar returns close to the north bay again tomorrow with the system heading north, it is dagging warmer air into the forecast, two to four degrees warmer tomorrow another two to four warmer wednesday into thursday with the storm and chance of showers friday cooler, saturday, a break, sunday through tuesday cooler with chance of showers. h 87 northbound good, light past hp pavillion, sun coming up, nice day, light traffic day at least so far because of the
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veterans day observance. a little busier at the san mateo bridge towards the high ride towards foster city, no -- highrise towards foster city, 13 to 14 minute drive, typical. ace train delay, 20 minutes, number 1, all other ace trains on time, bart, muni, caltrain, no delays, because of holiday today, it was yesterday we are observing it today, they are back on a red schedule today. all is well -- on a regular schedule today, all is week lakers have a new coach. nascar crash leads to a brawl in the pit. what officials are saying about pena
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san mateo today starting off chilly 43° at 7:00, around 60 most of the afternoon, cooling down to 53 by company this evening. across the bay fremont starting off 43, hanging around low 60s during the afternoon back to 49, cooler this evening napa temperatures running in the 30s this morning. hang around upper 50s to low 60s did the afternoon, 53° under a calm sky this
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afternoon. new this morning, the lakers have a new head coach it is not phil jackson the team announced before midnight that mike deanthony will be joining the team he replaces brown who lakers fired after five games into the season. reports say the lakers chose deanthony after negotiations with phil jackson broke down over the weekend. this morning nascar says it is too early to predict whether drivers or crewmembers will be suspended following the brought that broke out at the phoenix international raceway. even if you are not a racing fan you have to see this this happen yesterday, jeff gordon, bumps boyer on purpose that the crew -- [ unintelligible ]
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judge judy is the toughwó t talking judge --. >> they said how could you have a website? i said i can talk and somebody else can did it. i learned now do the ipad which is friendly to a brain like mine. but i had never, i'm happy to say in myselfy years turned on a computer. >> is that good or wow! >> i'm alive! >> that's judge judy on katie at 3 p.m., right here on abc7. 6:20 -- 6:26. =x
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. good morning it is monday november 12th.
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gorgeous picture of the sun about to rise in the east on this veterans day observance hope had you a great weekend thanks for joining us at 6:30 i'm kristen sze. and i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. we start with the weather. >> chilly start. >> be ready to bundle up, right? >> absolutely frost forming for the third morning in a row high clouds across the north bay kept temperatures up from where they were effort the weekend still chilly, 30s there, farther south, not many high clouds yet they are on the way inland valleys around the bay starting in the low to mid 40s mainly in the mid 50s to around 60 from noon through the average grab a coat for the evening hours, going to be cool, low to mid 50s inland valleys you need a heavier coat mid 30s to low 40s you won need it for the afternoon hours as we hang out in the upper 50s to low 60s, cool in the evening hours, low to mid 50s high clouds and sun
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dominating out at the coast starting off in the mid 40s hanging out in the mid to upper 50s for the better part of the afternoon mainly low to mid 50s during the evening everybody else is going to be dry. here's a check of traffic with sue. good morning. a little busy traffic on the east shore freeway, nothing major, you will find yourself in a little company towards the macarthur haze out of the richmond area all the way through berkeley looking good for this time of morning southbound golden gate bridge four lanes towards the toll no fog, beautiful drive out of marin into san francisco, your traffic app, looking at 680 core - from walnut creek towards danvilleíd?'oderate traffic, handy app to gaffe gate around your commute, free app store and google play. new this morning, police
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have arrested a 20-year-old driver for felony dui after he drove off an overpass on to the freeway. it happened in contra costa county in pinole after midnight, the driver was crossing the appian way overpass at i-80. look where he ended up this a photo sent by the pinole fire department, the dodge ended up on its roof after crashing through the concrete guardrail. driver and 21-year-old passenger escaped with minor injuries. raley's nob hill employees are walking picket lines in the weeklong strike again the supermarket chain with new optimism. amy hollyfield joins us live from the alameda store. >> reporter: back at the bargaining take which could be seen as good news, behind me the strike continues so does the picketing. union says it is not going to let its guard down because talks have resumed.
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these people worked overnight shift inside the store. we have video during the daytime when the crowd is larger and more active. union officials believe their lines have successfully diverted customers to other stores and it is forcing the company to listen and consider their demands. they believe the fact that the company wants to negotiate again proves they are having an impact. >> when i heard they came back to the table, i felt excited and -- because they are going towards the right direction that's for us to go back to work and just to go back to work that's the main goal we all want. >> reporter: the strike involves 7,000 workers it started last sunday, raley's has been negotiating with workers for 15 months made its last best final offer a week ago it included a two year wage freeze. raley's says it needs to cut costs because of the
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competitive market. both sides are back at table, neither is saying how the talks are going. they've greed to keep that confidential. these workers say they -- they've agreed to keep that confidential. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. better stock up, hostess baker are on strike. picket lines set up at a third of plants nationwide, including the bakery in oakland. hostess says products are still being made and shipped, for now.éñb hostess employs 1800 workers in california. new this morning, another peninsula town reaping benefits of facebook's move to menlo park. the company has paid atherton $350,000 to smooth over concerns about increased traffic in the area.
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facebook has already paid east palo alto $650,000, menlo park 1.1 million for street improvements.?֖ new, formerxah san franciso mayor is now among those questioning the proposed waterfront arena for the warriors. agnos tells the chronicle the plan is troubling, he says it will block views of the bay and make traffic worst around the embarcadero. he says he believes city hall is rubber stamping the project without examining is impact on the city. a spokesman for the warriors dismisses the criticism and says similar arguments were made against at&t park. quarterback smith will have to go evaluations and practicing this week before the league determines he can play next monday night. smith suffered concussion in the second quarter of yesterday's game. he was leveled during one play, when he ran with the ball after that smith dove into the
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line of scrimmage. coach harbaugh took smith out of the game when he complained of blurred vision. san francisco election officials still need to hand could you tell 3,000 remaining pro -- -- provisional ballots to determine the winner in the 7th district. ye was leading by 29 votes saturday over labor leader crowley. yesterday that lead narrowed to 20. the winner of the ranked choice race that covers the area west of twin peaks to the zoo, could be announced sometime tomorrow. that winner will replace -- president obama is inviting business and labor leaders to the white house this week for talks on the so-called fiscal cliff, before meeting with congress friday. in san francisco, for veterans day event yesterday house minority leader nancy pelosi discussed what is ahead she is
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returning to capitol hill to push a deal backed by president obama to avoid the fiscal cliff that would affect all of us. speaker boehner continues to insist raising taxes is out of the question. traffic and weather together, next. >> let's take a live look outside, gonna be chilly, meteorologist mike nicco will have your full forecast and we also check in with sue hall.afi 80 homes damaged, to people killed, the cause still unknown. what is next in indiana, after that mysterious blast
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beautiful picture wanted to show you the gorgeous colors this morning isn't that tremendous as we look southeast. high clouds not as cold as it was over the weekend, still seeing 30s especially in the east bay and north bay valleys and around los gatos.
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low to mid 40s san francisco]6ñ÷ in the afternoon 50s coast low to mid 50s the rest of us best thursday. if you have to come to san francisco, great morning to do it, pretty, chilly, light at the bay bridge toll, no issues, into metering lights no problems upper deck light out of novato through central san rafael past freitas parkway to north san pedro road past civic center moving at limit couple problems with ace trains, number 120 minutes late, number 3, -- number 1, 20 minutes late, everybody is on a regular schedule this veterans day. ahead, lance armstrong makes a decision about his livestrong charity following the doping scandal.
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splintered wood and charred earth is all that remains in an indiana neighborhood. the ongoing investigation into the mysterious weekend blast. trading underway on wall street. dow up 11 points.
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good morning. here's a look at doppler covering the entire state, a few radar returns in the central valley mainly north where storm is going to stay, 63 eureka today, 59 chico, low to mid 60s sacramento, fresno,
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big sur, low to mid 70s san diego, los angeles, palm springs, tahoe 49, yosemite 53. let's check with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." a lot of new questions about the petraeus affair. indeed, questions we will try to answer this morning. hello everybody in the bay area. we will have the latest on the scandal that has ended the career of cia chief general david petraeus, shocking end obviously. we'll take a closer look at the other woman, involved, paula broadwell, rocking washington. we are also going to speak to a colleague of the general's who has been in close touch with him since the scandal broke and try to get to the bottom of some of those questions. also, caught on tape, youth football coach, you see him here, allegedly attacking a
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player on the opposing team, 7th grader taking it in the chops from the coach. was this assault or accident? as you can see broken down frame by frame, we'll hear from both sides. also, confessions of a shopping addict. that's how bad it was for her after spending hours shopping everyday. now even diving in dumb terse to find deals with the advent of the -- in dumpsters to find deals with the advent of the holiday upon us she got the help she needed. also, i mentioned holiday season which means eating is around the corner, rachel ray bringing great recipes, crisp fall morning out there in times square, all next. >> i would go eating over shopping. >> don't know how you guys stay in is up great shape -- stay in such great shape.
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lance armstrong is officially cutting all ties to his charity livestrong he's walking way to avoid residual damage brought on by his doping scandal. he stepped down from the board. the doping agency stripped him of his titles and banned him from out competing a spokesperson says armstrong has donated more than seven million dollars over the years >> investigators don't know what caused a blast in an indiana neighborhood that kill two people saturday . the explosion was so powerful the house at the center of it is gone. 30 other homes may have to be demolished the damage extents for two blocks. last night neighbors held a candlelight vigil for the second grade teacher and her husband who were kill. authorities haven't ruled anything -- who were killed. authorities haven't ruleed anything out. new study, links flu
6:47 am
during pregnancy to autism. the exploratory study by researchers in denmark and cdc looked at 97,000 children 8 to 14 mothers who reported having a or flu for a week during pregnancy were twice as likely to have a child with autism. dr. besser breaks down the research. coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. apple3nñ appears to be movig from steve jobs' war on competitors. >> positive start to stocks this morning. jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. good morning. last week was the worst week for stocks since june. today starting out on a little positive note. light volume, bond market closed in observance of veterans day, stocking -- stocks are open, slightly
6:48 am
higher across the board bloomberg index up half percent. remember how steve jobs vowed before his death last year to go thermo nuclear against rivals in patent disputes? that attitude appears to be changing many apple settles with hcc claiming -- [ unintelligible ] watch for a turn around attempt from the maker of blackberry after multiple delays, planning to unveil first of to blackberry smart tones the end of january. offering -- [ unintelligible ] [ inaudible ]
6:49 am
a lot of talk of holiday shopping. >> toys "r" us opening 8 p.m. thanksgiving day. >> your in a coma by then. >> how can you move and push people aside for all those deals. >> second dinner, dessert you have to shop to wear it off. i'm going shopping with you guys it is an aerobic event i hear. here's a look at sunrise, it is up and i'm in trouble sorry for that comment, all right the other male in the audience, studio, yes joey, i am in trouble with that one. live doppler 7 hd beautiful
6:50 am
sunrise, more pictures on my facebook page if you want to look at that. . here's some of the sprinkles that tried to fall in the north bay now heading into the hills and mountains and a few snow showers there for the early morning travelers. temperatures big story, 30s inland around redwood city in the 40s for the rest of us, temperatures around 40 salinas, may be scraping frost off your car in gilroy chilly, heavy coat weather warmer this afternoon, through thursday and pattern becomes unsettled friday through tuesday you may need to run your sprinkler once end of the week plenty of rain on the way next week. two degrees warmer in oakland, san francisco, concord from 56 yesterday near record cold highs to 63° today. low to mid 60s from the coast,
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mid to upper 50s clouds and sun, storm track fit drops any trips around mendocino and lake county low to -- mid 60s monterey bay mid 60s inland. tonight with the high clouds and slightly warmer weather today won't see as many 30s, low to mid 40s when you step out tomorrow morning. high pressure steering next cold front farther north, because of that we are going to have warmer weather, this week, you can watch the radar returns stay up to the north even tomorrow as close as lake and mendocino counties i don't think they will make it into our neighborhoods. cooler friday with a chance of showers, saturday break, sunday through tuesday, chilly showers on the way. have a great monday light out there this morning, a lot of folks no work today especially if you work government offices, post offices or schools are closed.
6:52 am
traffic affected, very light what would be an extremely slow drive is at the limit from antioch westbound 4 to concord same with altamont pass 580 westbound good jut about 20 minutes up and over the altamont into the dublin pleasanton area a little slow through pleasanton. tonight another embarcadero road closure northbound due to roadwork until 5 a.m. tomorrow morning, we'll check that tomorrow morning. traffic app, 101 through mountain view on the peninsula, little bit of heavy traffic if you are taking caltrain this is way to navigate to the detail train station via your waze app, it is neat, it is free. ahead, five things to know before you go, including contract negotiations resuming
6:53 am
between striking workers and a northern california grocery chain with many bay area stores.
6:54 am
live look outside at the bay bridge traffic light due to veterans day observance weather chilly mike will have a last look at your forecast coming up. here are five things to know before you go: number one, striking workers at raley's and nob hill super hard kits say they are glad to hear talks -- supermarkets say they are glad to hear talks have resumed. >> number two, member of congress demanding answers about the fbi investigation into the resignation of cia director petraeus after he revealed he had an extramarital affair. on "good morning america" a former petraeus spokesman will say at fair started after he left the army and ended four
6:55 am
months ago. >> number three, 20-year-old under arrest for felony dui after the suv he was driving flew over an -- flew off an overpass and landed on the highway below. despite how horrible it looks nobody was seriously hurt. >> number four, quarterback smith will have to undergo evaluations before the league determines if he can play next monday night. smith suffered concussion in the second quarter of yesterday's game. >> number five, new study says having a fever or the flu for one week during pregnancy could double your chances of having a child born with autism. experts say the correlation reinforces recommendations that all pregnant women should get the flu shot. >> final check of your forecast. good morning. dress warmly, look at the 30s,
6:56 am
especially inland over towards los gatos low to mid 40s until you get to san francisco 48, warm we are high includes and sun mid to upper -- coolest temperatures at the coast the rest of us in the low to mid 60s. back to the bay bridge, very, very light, no metering lights, no delays into san francisco, good day to come into the city if you can san mateo bridge good from hayward towards foster city everybody at the limit, 14 minute dive, no problems westbound -- minute dive, no problems westbound or eastbound, from santa rosa into novato good drive, 24 westbound towards the caldecott into the oakland area there's 80 east shore freeway still 20 minutes into the macarthur maze, very light. thanks everyone for watching that's it for this edition of abc7 morning news.q9 back in 25 minutes with news,
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weather and traffic. gma will have more details on the petraeus affair. we are all on at with latest news, weather and with latest news, weather and traffic. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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